A simple girl who is turning 18 on 19th October. A Malaysian. My friends describe me as the smart but dumb, crazy girl. Well, I won't deny the latter. Have deep passion in Maths. As you can see, this blog of mine is 70% got7/cnblue/day6 related (because I'm a trash for those three groups of dorks). Living in Damansara. Need to see my pictures? Find the link I gave on the footer. Negativity aside, enjoy my blog!

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Songs Rec.; 2nd Week of April

- I'm Serious by DAY6
- Love Again by Girls Day


  • - New Book: Replica by Lauren Oliver
  • - New Movie: Beauty and The Beast
  • - New Stationery: Artline Brush Marker & Zebra Mildliner
  • - New Songs: DAY6 - I'm Serious & WINNER - Fool